HyperScale and MicroCare

- The Digital Business Cook Book

Excellent work. A must read for entrepreneurs and managers interested in digitalisation applied to business.

- Antimo Fiorillo

A tale of paradoxes

3 paradoxes to understand the business of digital services.

The Software Paradox and the Digital Commodity - Software has never been more important in people's lives, yet, customers are less likely to pay for software. (when was the last time that you paid a significant amount of money for an app?). We'll discuss how to escape the commodity trap, not by trying to add more features to our software, but by focusing on building a digital service, instead of focusing on building software

The Strategy Paradox and the Digital Métier - In this section, we'll introduce the idea of designing customer intimacy at scale: a digital service combines large, potentially global scale - hyperscale - with a personalized touch - microcare - to cater to the needs of a large customer base. We'll discuss how you should leverage pay as you go subscription models, the API economy and clever analytics to build an intimate relationship with hundreds, if not thousands of customers. We'll discuss the core metrics and competences needed to master the digital métier.

The Valuation Paradox and the Digital Assets - Ever wondered why some startups receiving such high valuations? It's hard to correlate this valuation with the numbers in their books. In the 3rd section of our book, we discuss this valuation paradox, and we'll introduce 3 new digital assets you'll need to build up.

Author Spotlight

Peter Verhasselt

Peter Verhasselt coaches technology companies in optimizing their Product Management, Business Plan and Go-to-Market strategy. Before joining Sirris, Peter worked for industrial companies in Sales and Product Management, Field Service and R&D. Peter has degrees in Engineering, Law, Economics and Management.

Nick Boucart

Nick is a mentor, coach and regular speaker on topics like Cloud, SaaS, data driven product management and software engineering. He's an interim CTO for a number of startups. Prior to working at Sirris, Nick was a software engineer at LMS international and EMC.

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You can find here the table of contents and one chapter of the book (the openness for cloud solutions). 

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