Hyperscale and Microcare

Designing Intimacy at Scale.

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The digital m├ętier is a domain on its own, with its own set of best practices and gotcha's.

Do you have the right view on technology and organisation to succesfully deploy digital services? Are you worried your team won't be fast enough, or that your technology stack won't scale?

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In this book, we'll share our experience and insights from working with hundreds of tech entrepeneurs, startups and scale-ups.

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Software is a Commodity

Thanks to open source, the Cloud and API's, it is easier than ever before to build software. As a result, competition is tough, prices are under pressure.
Stop building software, start building a service.

Hyperscale & Microcare

To make the most out of a digital service, you'll want to service a large customer base with a limited team, yet offer each customer an experience that is as personal as possible.

The true valuation of a digital service

Why is there such a large gap between the book value of digital companies, and their valuation? Digital services build up new types of assets one does not (yet) find in their balance sheet. A strong online presence is one such asset, a loyal customer base is another.

About the authors

Peter Verhasselt

Account Manager

Peter Verhasselt coaches technology companies in optimizing their Product Management, Business Plan and Go-to-Market strategy. Before joining Sirris, Peter worked for industrial companies in Sales and Product Management, Field Service and R&D. Peter has degrees in Engineering, Law, Economics and Management.

Nick Boucart

Senior Advisor Software Engineering & ICT

Nick is a mentor, coach and regular speaker on topics like Cloud, SaaS, data driven product management and software engineering. He's an interim CTO for a number of startups. Prior to working at Sirris, Nick was a software engineer at LMS international and EMC.

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